Gibi de Ouro

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Gibi de Ouro
Os Clássicos dos Quadrinhos
First issue
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Publishing company: RGE
Publishing years: 1985
Issues: 6
Format: 18×30 cm, b/w

Gibi de Ouro was a Brazilian comic book series, published by RGE in 1985.

Issue overview

Regular series

In 1980 RGE released a reprint of their first "Fantasma magazine" from 1953, adding a new outer cover on the magazine. The same concept was used in 1985, for the Gibi de Ouro series. This collection series reprinted the first issues of six series: "Fantasma (The Phantom), "Mandrake", "Buffalo Bill", "Nick Holmes (Rip Kirby)", "Ferdinando (Lil’ Abner)", "Cavaleiro Negro (Black Rider)". Note that the Phantom issue in this series is the second "Fantasma" issue, since the first one had been reprintet as Fantasma Especial in 1980.

In addition to the new outer covers for the series there are two things that distinguish the reprint from the original magazines. All have ekstra pages in the middle, presenting the series; character and the creators. And the ads on the original back covers are replaced with an ad from Revel.