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King Segrid
First appearance: "The Hawk"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Segrid is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "The Hawk".

Fictional Character Biography

King Segrid is King of the European nation Cockaigne. He made his first appearance in the second Mandrake story as Prince Segrid, a playboy and unlucky gambler.


Segrid is the brother of Narda and the son of King Karl and Queen Isabel of Cockaigne. Queen Isabel died when the children were small and their father remarried Elsa, a girl from the people. When Karl died a few years later Segrid became the King of Cockaigne.

Segrid has an aunt living in US, Janet, who is his mother's sister. Natalie the duchess of Kort is Segrid's cousin. Natalie married King Ferrand of Ferna, and she has one step son, Prince Randolph. Segrid has a distant cousin, Prince Michael.

Notable appearances

Some of the stories where Segrid has featured most prominently are:

Year Daily/Sundays Title Artist Comments
1938 Daily "Mandrake in Love" Davis
1939 Daily "Mandrake in Cockaigne" Davis Narda renounced her succession to the throne
1947 Daily "HRH Cuddles" Davis Segrid being crowned King of Cockaigne
1948 Sunday "The Prince Who Never Smiled" Davis Natalie the Duchess of Kort
1955 Daily "Michael" Davis Prince Michael
1967 Daily "The Return of Evil - The Cobra" Fredericks
1997 Daily "Mandrake's Wedding at Cockaigne" Fredericks Segrid's's father was Darius 14.