Gibi Mensal

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Gibi Mensal
First issue
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Publishing company: O Globo & RGE
Publishing years: 1941-1963
Issues: 271
Format: 18x26 cm, b/w

Gibi Mensal was a series published by O Globo and later RGE in the years 1941 to 1963.


The first issue of the weekly series Gibi Mensal was launched in January 1941. Gibi Mensal printed various titles as: Namor, Tocha-Humana and various titles from Timely and Atlas (later known as Marvel Comics). Over the years other characters began to appear such as: Captain Marvel, Ghost, The Phantom and Mandrake, for example, but gradually the magazine also gave space to the western series as: Cavaleiro Negro, Flecha Ligeria, Don Chicote, Rock Lane.

In March 1953 (# 143 ) the publisher O Globo turned into RGE, and continued the original numbering. After 271 issues the last issue was printed 1963 .

Issue overview

Regular series

Issues with Mandrake


  • In 1940 O suplemento Gibi launched some special issues with the title Gibi Mensal printed on the cover. But these are part of the original Gibi series and not from the Gibi Mensal series.
  • Issue 24 are printed printed incorrectly with numbering 23 on the cover.