Colorín Colorao

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Colorín Colorao
First issue
Country/language: Mini argentina.gif Argentina / Spanish
Publishing company: BS.AS.
Publishing years: 1947-19??
Issues: ?
Format: 20 x 28.5 cms

Colorín Colorao (with three dots between the two words) was a comics supplement of the Argentine daily newspaper "Noticias Gráficas".It was launched in October 1947. Its subtitle, written in a black round at the right of the main title, was "Para la infancia de todas las edades»" (="For children of all ages").

Issue overview

Regular series

Presented as a comics section, but sold in addition of the usual edition for 0.30 peso, it features - in 32 full colored pages - several strips mainly from American comics (such as "Luis Ciclón" ("Steve Canyon"), "Aventuras de Farolito" ("Tim Tyler's Luck"), "El Hombre Fantasma" ("The Phantom"), "Flash, el Hombre Relámpago" ("Flash Gordon"), "Jim de la Selva" ("Jungle Jim"), "Barney Baxter", "King de la Guardia Real" ("King of the Mounted Police"), and "Brick Bradford" amongst others).

As far as "Mandrake the Magician" is concerned, the 1945-1946 Sunday pages were featured in "Colorín Colorao".

Mandrake published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Twins of Karana" Issue # 1: October 1, 1947 Issue # 17: January 1948 color
"The Singing Devils" Issue # 18: January 1948 Issue # 34: color
"Roc Island" Issue # 35: 1948 Issue # 52: September 22, 1948 color
? ? ?

Cover samples