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First issue
Country/language: Mini argentina.gif Argentina / Spanish
Publishing company: Editorial TOR
Publishing years:
Issues: 752 (?)
Format: 26.2 x 17.7 cm, b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

"Pif-Paf" was a weekly comic book series published by the Argentine publisher Editorial TOR in Argentina from October 5, 1939 to January 1954 for a run of 752 issues at least. The number of pages of each issue could vary from 48 to 64 pages with a size of approximately 18 x 26 cms. It should be noted that it was also sold in Spain.

Various comics were featured, with - amongst them - classicals of "the Golden Age of Comics" period such as "Batman", "Flash Gordon", "Lil'Abner", "Captain Marvel", "Brick Bradford", "Jungle Jim", "Casey Ruggles", "Bu Sawyer", "Popeye" and "Mandrake the Magician". There was also a smaller part of national comics.

A second series was released during the 70's and 90's but without the same comics as above.

The material released in "Pif-Paf" was permanently re-edited through different subsequent editions such as El Libro de la Historieta, Super Album de la Historieta and Album Pif-Paf, titles that appeared until the early sixties.

Issues with Mandrake

Published stories

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Title Sundays/dailies Issues
"The Caribbean Mystery" Sundays 649, 650, 651, 651, 652, 653, 654, 655
"The Jungle Fullback" Sundays 656, 657, ... ?

Covers with Mandrake