Mandrake el Mago (Edmal / Impacto)

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(Colección Gorrion)
Mandrake el Mago
First issue
Country/language: Mini argentina.gif Argentina / Spanish
Publishing company: Editorial Edmal /
Editorial Impacto
Publishing years: 1958-1968 (?)
Issues: 83 (?)
Format: 17 × 26 cm, b/w

Mandrake el Mago (also titled Impacto con Mandrake el mago) was a series of Mandrake comics published by Editorial Edmal and Editorial Impacto in Argentina.


The series began publishing Mandrake stories in 1958.

It looks like this series started as Colección Gorrion, a similar cover with Colección Gorrion being found for "Johnny Hazard #2". The Edmal logo appears on the cover of issue 51 and the Impacto logo is presented for the first time on the cover of issue 69. From issue 77 or 78, the title changed to Impacto con Mandrake el mago. The serie ended with issue 83 (?).

All issues have 28 - 36 pages and are printed in black and white. The stories were newspaper strip stories. The covers were illustrated by Argentine artists.

Mandrake was later published in El Espectro.

Some issues were price-marked for distribution in Uruguay and Paraguay as well.

Issue overview

Regular series

Regular series by Impacto

Impacto con Mandrake el mago


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