El Fantasma (Edmal / Impacto)

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El Fantasma (also titled La Sombra, Impacto con El Fantasma, and El Espectro) was a series of Phantom comics published by Editorial Edmal and Editorial Impacto in Argentina.


The series began publishing stories with the Phantom in 1958. The title was originally La Sombra (the name previously used in the Tit-Bits series). From issue 19, the title changed to El Fantasma, but the name La Sombra was kept in brackets. From issue 20, the title was only El Fantasma which continued to issue 66. After that, publication is contiuned by Edmal's successor – Editorial Impacto.

Issues 93 – 97 were titled Impacto con El Fantasma. From issue 98, the title changed to El Espectro and Phantom stories continued until issue 108, but without the Phantom appearing on covers. El Espectro continued publishing after that, but later there were no more Phantom stories in every issues, as it had been sometimes replaced with "Mandrake the Magician". Number of page was increased to 100 or 164 and these issues contained previously published stories in this series.

Some issues were price-marked for distribution in Uruguay and Paraguay as well.

El Espectro

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