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First issue
Country/language: Mini argentina.gif Argentina / Spanish
Publishing company: Editorial Columba
Publishing years: 1950-2000
Issues: ?
Format: vari cm
b/w & color

Issue overview

Regular series

In 1950 (July 4) "Editorial Columba" released the weekly "Fantasía", a small (13.5×17 cm) comic book in landscape format. In the beginning the series printed imported series as: "El Coronel X", "Roy Rogers", "Tarzán", "El Capitán Carson (Steve Cannyon)" and on. Then the series started to alternating national material with imported series.

In 1958 the format changes to a larger (18×25 cm) vertical size with a yellow background color on the covers. Even though the series had printed the year and date on the covers the numbering was ongoing (Anno I, #1, July 4 1950).

For many years the covers were made by Hugo D'Adderio. The first series ended with issue 472 (464 ?) in 1959.


Several albums were released in the small format (13.5×17 cm) up to June 1960.

Second series

Early 60s (1961 ?)[footnotes 1][footnotes 2] the series restarted in a small format (13×18 cm). The issues were released without any numbering printed on the cover or inside.

Third series

In 1964 the size was changed to 19×28 cm. The series printed the year and issue inside the first years, keeping the year and restarting the numbering (Anno XIII, #1)[footnotes 3] . In the years 1968 to 1971 the Extraordinario issues have a supplement magazine inside, some with Mandrake.

Fantasía Supercolor

The first issue of a new series was released in October 1975, interacting with the Fantasía series.


Yearbooks were released in January each year.

Issues with Mandrake

Regular series

Third series

Supplement issues

Regular series

Spanish version

A Spanish version was published in the years 1972- 1974 (issues 185-209, 210-234 and 235-252. In total 68 issues). They difference in: the text "Publicación para adultos" on the covers (from #203), a price tag in pesetas (from #204) and from # 217 with a different cover.


  1. It looks like no issues were released in 1960.
  2. Another factor is that in January 1970 the ninth issue of the Yearbook Fantasía Anuario #9 was released. Counting backwards indicates that the first Yearbook was released in January 1961.
  3. Logically the year 1964 would be "Anno XIV" (14) since "Anno I" is 1950, but one year is missing in the chronology.