El Gorrión

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El Gorrión
First issue (?)
Country/language: Mini argentina.gif Argentina / Spanish
Publishing company: Editorial Manuel Láines/
Publishing years: 1932-1959
Issues: 1384
Format: 25 x 35 cm - 17.5 × 26 cm, b/w

El Gorrión (translation: "The Sparrow") was published by Editorial Manuel Láines.


The series, weekly published, was launched on December 7, 1932 to compete with the successful comic magazine El Tony" published since 1928. It featured various comics characters, as well national ones as North American ones, with some 1950 issues featuring "Mandrake the Magician". The series ends with issue #1384 which was released on July 15th, 1959.

  • List of comics published by "El Gorrion": "The Blue Beetle", "The Human Torch" "King of the Mounted Police", "Tim Tyler's Luck", "Dickie Dare", "Broncho Bill", "Lady Luck", "Flash Gordon", "Doctor Mid-Nite", "Radio Patrol", "Superman", "Kerry Drake", "Johnny Hazard", The Phantom, "Adventures of Patsy Daily", "Mark Trail", "Dick’s Adventures", "Broncho Bill", "Prince Valiant", "Rusty Riley" and "Big Ben Bolt".

In the sixties, a new series of "El Gorrión" was published by "Editorial Edmal" as monthly publication that ends in 1971.

Issue overview

Regular series

Second series

Listed at GCD with 170 issues (#1042-#1211).

Third series

Issues with Mandrake