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Tan is a daily Turkish newspaper.

The first issue of "Tan" was released on May 23, 1983. The newspaper printed many pictures of scantily clad ladies where the headline and text had little to do with the pictures. Many of the articles also had little to do with real events. The last issue was released in August 1999.

In 1987 (?) "Tan" released a comic supplement, Tantana, with several comics: "Uzay Fedaileri" by Alan Grant, "Vampir İstanbul'da" by Ergin Asyali, "Sarı Gölge" by H Vernes, "Cesur Keyn" by Karet, "Mimi" by Michael Kelly, "Kızılmaske (The Phantom)" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry, "Santrafor" by Ertan, "Tik-Tik Politik" by Cevat Ozer, "Örümcek Adam (Spiderman)" by Stan Lee and Fred Kida, "Aya" by Romero, "Mandrake" by Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks, "Cıgın Sürücüler" by Chr Denayer, "James Bond" by John Mc Lusky.

"Tan": published Mandrake stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Hijacking" August 31, 1987
"Lothar’s Afternoon" August 31, 1987 September 19, 1987 missing the two last strips
"The Murder Contract" September 19, 1987 missing the first strip