1001 Roman - Özel Sayı

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1001 Roman
Özel Sayı
First issue
Country/language: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Publishing company: Türkiye Yayınevi
Publishing years: 1940-1946
Issues: 75
Format: ?×? cm , b/w and color

1001 Roman Özel Özel Sayı is a Turkish magazine.

Issue overview

Regular series

Alongside the weekly comics magazine 1001 Roman Türkiye Yayınevi published the monthly 1001 Roman - Özel Sayı, in the years 1940 to 1946. These "special issue" were smaller in size than the tabloide sized 1001 Roman and had a complete story of one character as: Mandrake, Maskeli Süvari (The Lone Ranger), Kızılmaske (The Phantom), Kızil Ölüm, İki İzci (Tim Tyler's Luck), Gizli Polis (X-9), Avcı Bay Aslan and others.

Issues with Mandrake


The issues from the regular series were rebound into 11 albums, with 4 to 6 issues in each album. Example of album:


The MysterIous Flame of Queen Loana