Bilge Şakrak

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Bilge Şakrak
Biographical information
Country: Mini turkey.gif Turkey


In 1956 Bilge Şakrak took over the publication of "Red Kit" from Bilgi Yayınları (owned by Adnan Şakrak) and began a new weekly series in 1965. This series was a traced Turkish editions of Lucky Luke. Each issue had 24 pages with Lucy Luke and the rest of the comic book had various bi-series like: Mandrake, The Phantom, Secret Agent X-9 and on. The bi-series was traced from stories earlier published in comic books like 1001 Roman and Haftalik Albüm.

Early in 1968, Şakrak reprint these traced reprints in a weekly comics under the Güneş heading. The format was about the format of the special issues of Güneş, a former weekly comics earlier published by Şakrak.

Publications with Mandrake published by Bilge Şakrak

Title Year(s) Issues
Red Kit 1965 20 +
4 albums
Güneş 1968 6 (of total 12)+