1001 Macera

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1001 Macera
First issue (?)
Country/language: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Publishing company: Kemal Özcan Kitabevi
Publishing years: 1943-1946 (?)
Issues: 44 (?)
Format: ?×? cm , b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

1001 Macera was a Turkish magazine published by Kemal Özcan. The size of the magazines varies between 13x19 and 15x23 cm. The magazine was released twice a month for a period of time, without any numbering or date on the cover or inside. Some of the issues list the title of the upcoming magazine and some have a back-issue list inside or at the back cover. There are two variants of this back-issue lists. The " [n]" behind the titles means that this issue mentions the title of the next issue.

Issues 1 to 16

There is an ad for the new "1001 Macera" series in the newspaper "Cumhuriyet" from 30 July, 1943. In "Cumhuriyet" on November 27, 1943, there is an ad for the "Örümcek Adası" issue.

The "Mişel Strogof" I've been reading mentions a film that will been shown at IPEK, the largest cinema at this time: Tarzanin Hazinesi (Tarzan's secret treasure ?). There are ads for this film in various newspapers from May 22, 1944. Which is not entirely consistent with this magazine being from November 1943.

Looking at various back lists from this period, the first three books quickly sold out.

Most collectors assume that the Kızıl Maske issue that is first in this overview is the first issue in this series. This may turn out to be incorrect. The one I've been reading has ads for four "Mickey Mouse" books: "Miki Cokey", "Miki Kampda", "Miki Tayyareci" and "Miki Boksör". In the Turkish newspaper "Akşam" we find advertisements for some of these from Kemal Özcan: January 6, 1945: "Miki Jokey"; June 28, 1945: "Miki Kamta"; December 29, 1945: "Miki Tayyareci". "Miki Boksör" is mentioned at I.N.D.U.C.K.S. as from 1946. In addition in the "Kızıl Maske" issue it says that the next issue is "Avcı Bay Aslan", and the the price is 15 kuruş.

Otherwise this Kızıl Maske issue was reprinted later the first issue in this series could be an as yet unknown Kızıl Maske. Possibly a text novella, like the "Kizil Maske" by Hulüsi Saroz, that was printed in three parts in "Atmaca", "Kanun Namına" and "Perili Kale".

Issues 17 to 20

"Brik Buzlar Ülkesinde" does not contain information about the next issue, but the five first winners of the competition inside were named in the first "Bufalo Bil" issue. The rest of the 50 winners are named in the following "Bufalo Bil" issue and in "Avcı Bay Tekin".

Issues 21 and up

In "Maskeli Kara bela" is it mentioned that issues of "1001 Macera" is published twice a month. The ad for "Okyanusun Esrarı" is in the newspaper "Cumhuriyet" on September 28, 1944. Knowing that "Örümcek Adası" was released in the end of November 1943 gives 14 issues within ten months suggests that the magazine became published once a month from about February 1944.

From the first Mandrake issue, the price increased from 10 kuruş to 15 kuruş.

Three of the "Mickey Mouse" books are mentioned in this period: "Miki Jokey" in "Mandrake Deli Kral II" - misspelled as "Miki Cokey" in "Dişi Tarzan" and "Tabu", the last one also has an ad for "Miki Kampta"; "Mandrake Mumyalar Arasında II" have ads for "Miki Jokey", "Miki Kamta", "Miki Tayyareci" and a similar book "ve Bay Tekin".

There are probably two issues between "Perili Kale" and "Mandrake Mumyalar Arasında" due to the "Maskeli Süvari" story starting in "Atmaca". The second page of this story is in "Kanun Namına" and the sixth page is in "Mandrake Mumyalar Arasında".

"Maskeli Süvari en Son Macerası" do mention the next issue as: "Yeşil Hayalet". The "Kızıl Maske" issue seems to be reprinted at the end here, about summer 1946.