1001 Özel

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1001 Özel
First issue
Country/language: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Publishing company: Kemal Özcan
Kemal Uzcan
Publishing years: 1950
Issues: 15
more than 300
Format: 23×15 cm
20x14 cm, b/w

1001 Özel was published by Kemal Uzcan (also written as Kemal Özcan) in Turkey.

Issue overview

Regular series

1001 Özel was a weekly series with each issue of 16 pages headlining a different comics hero in either a complete story or broken into parts serialized in consecutive issues. 15 issues were released in 1950, measuring 23x15 cm.

The comics were presented in traced editions (that is from various printed material (a comic book, collection of newspaper strips...) where an employed 'copyists' put over a transparet sheets or using a projector like an Art-O-Graph and then traced the lines to make a new re-inked copy).

Inside there are stories like: "Zoro, kamçılı suvari" (Zorro), "Tarzan", "Bay Tekin /Baytekin (Flash Gordon)", "Kovboyun ıntikamı" (western story - Rex ?), "Baykuș adam (Doll man)", "Mandrake", "Kara Hayalet (The Black Rider)", "Kızıl Maske (The Phantom)", "Yıldırım polis King (King of the Royal Mounted)", "İki İzci (Tim Tyler's Luck)", "Wambi (Wambi, Jungle Boy)" and "Kara Korsan (black pirate ?)".

Second series

More than 300 issues in 1951-1958, 20x14 cm.

Issues with Mandrake

Special issues

Various Views

Third series

21 issues printed in 1959-1960, devoted to "Bay Çetin" (issues 1-8), "Fatoş" (issues 9-12) and "Tarzan" (issues 13-21).

Fourth series

29 issues in the years 1959-1960, non with Mandrake