Mandrake the Magician and Bob Dylan by Morten Juvet and Jan Erik Vold

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Country: Mini norway.gif Norway / Norwegian


Early 1970s Jan Erik Vold reinterpret Bob Dylan's book Tarantula and several of his songs into Norwegian language. About the same time the art student Morten Juvet got to know the brothers Haakon og Arne W. Isaksen, who gave him the interest to see comic in a new light.

Morten Juvet found the cartoon heroes culture poor and got an idea about giving them them a good text to perform. Like a collage of poetry and cartoon heroes, as a picture, a painting, a serigraphy. To give familiar characters a new message, opying others' series and put them together with texts he thought was good.

In 1972 Morten Juvet started worked with comic characters like: "Snuffy Smith", "Mandrake the Magician", "Blondie", "The Phantom", " Dr. Kildare" and others including characters by Morten Juvet himself. The various collages have text by Bob Dylan, Jan Erik Vold, Baste Grøhn, Roger McGough, Roger Brautigan, Adrian Henry, Cecilie Løveid, to name a few.

Using the lyrics in "Damer i regn nr 12 & 35" (Dylan's "Rainy Day Women nos 12 & 35") and pictures from the ongoing newspaper stories, "Tale of Aleena" and "Super-Elec", Morten Juvet created a unique collage in the intersection between pop art and poetry.


  • 1972 - Mandrake Collage
  • 1976 - "Buklanding for Mandrake" (Dagbladet Juli 26, 1976)
  • 1977 - Silkscreen 12 colors
  • 1977 - Silkscreen gold and silver on various colored paper (90 print)
  • 1977 - Silkscreen gold on black paper
  • 1977 - Silkscreen 6 colors
  • 1981 - Cover for "Stein Regn" LP with Jan Erik Vold, Kåre Virud and Telemarks blueslag (Polygram records a/s)
  • 2009 - Cover for "Stein Regn" CD with Jan Erik Vold, Kåre Virud and Telemarks blueslag (Pan Record/ TP a/s)

at Exhibitions

  • 1977 - "Multimedium" at Club 7 Galleri 7 (with Gruppe Elg)
  • 1978 - "Gjennombruddet" at Kunstnernes hus (with Gruppe Elg)
  • 1979 - "Elgbyksor och badfickor" at Kulturhuset Stockholm (with Gruppe Elg)
  • 1981 - at Mjøndalen samfunnshus
  • 1981 - at Kongsberg kunstforening
  • 1981 - at Modum Kunstforening
  • 2003 - "Fabulatoriet" at Haugar Vestfold kunstmuseum
  • 2009 - "Serier på papir 1972- 2009" at Galleri Briskeby

in Music Program

  • 1981 - "Dylan på Norsk" directed by Jan Horne (NRK)

In publicationes

  • Bjerke, Øivind Storm, "Morten Juvet", Oslo, Labyrinth press, 2003
  • "Tegneserier 1972 -2009" Catalog at the Galleri Briskeby exhibition