Mandrake the Magician: Screenplay by Julien Temple

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Starting point

Julien Temple was hired in 1980 by Goldcrest Films in London to to direct and adapt Mandrake the Magician as a screenplay.


The setting is in New York, Los Angeles and Yucatan.


In New York Mandrake is performing with his assistants, Hojo, Lothar and Karma. Among the audience is Narda, a princess of a small European kingdom. She is in America urgently trying to raise the $50.000.000 needed to rebuild her country after a devastating earthquake. She asking Mandrake to help with the fund raising, and he agree to donate the proceedings of their upcomming concert at the Hollywood bowl. A number of obstacles forced Narda to sign a commercial deal with a religious organisation, the Citizens Temple of California and their leader Father Bocar.

Behind the scenes

  • Embassy Pictures commissioning the screenplay by Temple but hired Michael Almereyda in 1982 to do a complete rewrite.


  • storyboard distributed to sponsors at Cannes in 1980.

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