Mandrake finns inte mer

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Carl Johan De Geer
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Country: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish

Mandrake no longer exists


At Bukowskis the artist tells about the origin of the "Fantomen i Skanör" (The Phantom in Skanör). In 1978 he made a poster with acrylic on panel. With two holes on top with a leash in between, it became similar to an old school poster. Carl Johan De Geer also made a copy of this poster for the Norrköping Art Museum in 1980. In 2011 he and Björn Lumphé made a lithograph in an edition of 290 copies.

The origin of "Mandrake finns inte mer" (Mandrake no longer exists) is a bit more uncertain, since it is not dated. The title was first time used for a book written by Carl Johan De Geer (Legus, Stockholm 1995). But the Mandrake lithograph probably dates from the same time as The Phantom, 2011.

  • "Mandrake finns inte mer": signed and numbered (290) litograph in color, 60x63 cm.
  • "Fantomen i Skanör": signed and numbered (290) litograph in color, 69x55 cm.

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