Colonel Barton

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Colonel Barton
Colonel Barton-10.jpg
First appearance: "The Flame Pearls;
Attempted Assassination
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Colonel Barton is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "The Flame Pearls; Attempted Assassination".

Fictional Character Biography

Colonel Barton is an old friend of Mandrake. He invited Mandrake to join him onboard the S.S. Argos on his search for the Flame Pearls.


  • June, daughter of Colonel Barton. She is married with a marine, private Jimmy.
  • Gloria, daughter of Colonel Barton.

Notable appearances

Some of the stories where S.S. Argos has featured most prominently are:


Year Daily/Sundays Title Artist Comments
1940 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; Attempted Assassination" Davis Barton
1940 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; Magnetic Island" Davis
1940 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; The Three Cows" Davis
1940 Sundays "The Swordfish" Davis
1940 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; The Amazons" Davis
1940 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; The Ghost Ship" Davis
1941 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; The Witch of Tago" Davis
1941 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; Land of the Giants" Davis
1941 Sundays "The Flame Pearls; The Hungry Isles" Davis
1942 Sundays "Pacifica" Davis
1942 Sundays "Mystery of the Girls with Red Hair" Davis June Barton marries, Gloria Barton
1945 Sundays "Kingdom of the Wind" Davis As Blaine
1965 Sundays "The Traveller's Tale" Davis / Fredericks S.S. Argos II

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