Chief of Inter Intel

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Chief of Inter Intel
Chief of Inter-Intel-01.jpg
First appearance: "The Mission"
Created by: Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks

The secret Chief of Inter Intel is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "The Mission".

Fictional Character Biography

At the HQ of Inter-Intel and behind a mysterious door marked with "Chief" , there are an almost empty room just with a desk and a talking robot. Jed once told Mandrake that Inter-Intel are leaded by a mysterious Chief who have founded the organisation. His identity was only known by the board of directors.

Today the mysterious Chief are identical with Hojo.

Notable appearances

Some of the stories where the Chief of Inter Intel has featured most prominently are:

Year Dailies/Sundays Title Writer Artist Comments
1975 Dailies "The Thieves" Falk Fredericks Hojo is not the secret chief of Inter-Intel;
Hojo fight with some thieves at Xanadu, at same time Mandrake talk with the secret robot chief at Inter-Intel!
1976 Dailies "The Mission" Falk Fredericks