The Tourist (person)

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The Tourist
First appearance: "The Tourist"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

The Tourist is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip.

Fictional Character Biography

The Tourist is a gourmet from the future, a time when food is taken in pill form. He met Mandrake for the first time in the daily story "The Tourist", where the Tourist exchanged money for rejuvenation pills that made people twenty years younger for a week. He used the money to buy himself proper meals such as a real steak and real vegetables. He attracted attention and when a villain discovered that the Tourist also had a gadget that could make temporary holes in solid walls, he was forced along to commit robberies. Since the Tourist now had broken so many rules: been in the same place in time, sold rejuvenation pills, used gadgets, told Mandrake that he is a time traveller, he feared the Wardens were after him. And they were, they apprehended the Tourist and brought him back to the time he came from, year 2055.

The second time Mandrake meets the Tourist, he is again looking for something to eat, this time he could imagine some Tutti-Frutti ice cream. But he soon discovers that no one sells that kind of ice cream anymore, and he has another problem - he has no money. This time, too, some criminals discover that he is in possession of a gagdet that can make temporary holes in walls, and they force him to take part in robberies. The predicament the Tourist is in is solved by a Space Warden appearing and taking him back to the year he came from, the year 6002.

But, when the Space Warden and the Tourist projected to their own time something happened. During the transmission they hit a space glitch and split them apart.

Notable appearances

The stories where the Tourist has featured are:

Year Daily/Sunday Title Comments
1955 daily "The Tourist"
2001 Sunday "Return of the Tourist"
2004 daily "Space Glitch"
2008 daily "One Wizard Too Many"