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First appearance: "The Miss Galaxy Beauty Contest"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Magnon is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "The Miss Galaxy Beauty Contest".

Fictional Character Biography

Emperor Magnon is Mandrake's most powerful friend. He is the ruler of a million oxygen-breathing planets with creatures like on Earth. In the federation there are also about three billions non-oxygen breathing planets. He has his home at the planet Magna.


Magnon and his wife Carola have a daughter, Nardraka, who is named after Mandrake and Narda and is their godchild.

Magnon's cousin, General Boron, led a revolt and attempted to overthrow Magnon. But his ambition to take over the imperial throne failed. Also General Cozzono, Magnon's older half-brother attempted to overthrow Magnon but failed.

Notable appearances

Year Daily/Sunday Title Comments
1956 Sunday "The Miss Galaxy Beauty Contest"
1958 Sunday "The Birthday Party" Gift to Narda: A three dimentional photo of Nardraka, changing as the baby changes.
Gift to Mandrake: A galactic watch operated by mind waves, think of any planet and it will show the correct time.
1960 Sunday "The Water Pirates"
1963 Sunday "The Ghost Lover"
1964 Sunday "The Castaway"
1968 Sunday "Invasion of the Babu"
1969 Sunday "The Galactic Rumble"
1970 Sunday "The Solar Wind"
1971 Sunday "The Space Pack"
1974 Sunday "Galaxy War" Magnon is 150 years old
1973 Daily "The Ratmen of Rodencia"
1978 Sunday "Narq's Conquest"
1980 Sunday "The Rat Men"
1983 Sunday "Evil Star"
1984 Sunday "The Central Galaxy" General Boron, cousin of Magnon
1994 Sunday "The Galactic Birthday Adventure" General Cozzono, Magnon's older half brother.
1996 Sunday "The Swarm"
1996 Sunday "Dr. Holton's Reputation"
2001 Daily "Countdown to Oblivion"