Le Fantôme (Héritage)

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Le Fantôme
First issue
Country/language: Mini canada.gif Canada / French
Publishing company: Editions Héritage
Publishing years: 1975-1977
Issues: 24
Format: 17×26 cm, b/w

Le Fantôme (= "The Phantom") was a series of 24 issues published in Canada by the Editions Héritage between 1975 and 1977.


These issues were reprinting contents of comic books previously released in the United States (King Comics) but in a less attractive black and white inside pages. At least five stories of Mandrake were featured in the series (mainly retaken from the mini-series "Midnight with Mandrake").

Issue overview

* Regular series

Issues with Mandrake

* Albums

ComicOrama Albums

Like the "Albums du Collectionneur", unsold copies of 3 to 5 issues - mainly of a specific title or two different titles. The album numbered 1071, published in 1976, contains two regular issues of "Flash Gordon" (# 3 and 4) and two others of "Le Fantôme (Héritage)", namely (issue "Le Fantôme 3 (Héritage)" and issue "Le Fantôme 4" / the issue #3 having two short Mandrake stories inside.

ComicOrama Jumbo

In big volumes, a series of collected unsold issues from the various series by "Editions Héritage", devoted to more than one figure.

  1. 125: Capitaine America 76/77; Conan 65/66; Le Fantôme 19; Karaté Kid 5; Maître du Kung Fu 41; Rawhide Kid 52 and 53; Thor 65/66; Les Vengeurs 50/51; Wonder Woman 5 (452 pgs)

Albums du Collectionneur

Unsold copies of issues from various series by "Editions Héritage" were later glued together with a new outside cover and collected as separate albums. At least 4 issues of "Le Fantôme" were made: #1098 (regular series #4,5, 7 and 9); #2002 (regular series #13 to 16); #2008 (regular series #17 to 20) and #2035 (regular series # 21 to 24).

Issues with Mandrake (Albums du Collectionneur)

Mandrake stories published in "Le Fantôme (Héritage)" issues :