L'An 01 (1973 Movie)

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L'An 01-movie poster.jpg
Country: Mini france.gif France / French

L'An 01 ("The Year 01") is a French comedy movie, in black and white, directed by Jacques Doillon, Alain Resnais and Jean Rouch and released 1973 (on screen on February 22, 1973). It is based on the eponymous comic strip by French creator Gébé published the year before.

In this movie, there is a short sequence filmed, in New York, by Alain Resnais in which Lee Falk appears as a market banker who walks in a empty office after a sudden stock market collapse. When he looks out the window, he sees in the opposite building a man who is going to throw himself outside. The man is soon followed by several other people who succumb in the same way. But some good news are published in the newspapers: another life is possible like in Europe where people have decide to live in a post-capitalism system. (The beginning of this sequence is narrated by the comics creator Stan Lee) This New York part was probably filmed in 1972. The film was not distributed in the United States.

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