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Country/language: Mini uk.gif United Kingdom / English
Publishing company: Various
Publishing years:

Traditionally UK annuals are produced for the Christmas present market and when dated, feature the coming year.


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Issue overview

Issues with Mandrake

By Purnell and Sons

Purnell and Sons, founded in in 1839, was a small English printing company based in Somerset (South West England). It remained a family affair, passed from father to son, until 1924. It later merged with other printers to become a national publisher. In that way, it became a major publisher of bibles and, at its peak, employed 2,000 people before merging with "Hazell Sun" to form the “British Printing Corporation” in 1964, with print works in Paulton (South West England) and headquarters in London. However it closed in December 2005. As far as comics are concerned, from the sixties to the eighties, Purnell and Sons has published several Annuals (“Bonanza”, “Gunsmoke”, “The Brownie Annual”, “Dukes of Hazard”, “I-Spy”) and comic-books like the “Hopalong Cassidy Adventures” and “Outlaws”.

By World Distributors