Action Series (Gold Token Book)

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Action Series
First issue
Country/language: Mini uk.gif United Kingdom / English
Publishing company: Young World Publications
Publishing years: 1964
Issues: 12
Format: 12 × 18,5 cm, b/w

Action Series was a series of hardbacks comics published by Young World Publications.


The Action Series was introduced in summer of 1964 featuring titles such as: Secret Agent X9 (#1 & 8), Big Ben Bolt (#1), Flash Gordon (#3 &10), Tim Tyler (4), Mandrake the Magician (#6), Brick Bradford (#5 & 12), Ripcord (#7 &11) and Justice in the Underworld (#9).

This series (and the Super-Mags series and others) by Young World Publications was a Gold Token Book. Each issue of the new Library series gave Gold Token worth two units. One could collect tokens and send them to the publisher for free gifts:

  • 12 tokens - A detective magnififying glass
  • 20 tokens - Two FROG Chuck Gliders Balsa construction. Stunt and fly like a real plane.
  • 30 tokens - Wonderful book of "Record Breakers" 32 big pages of full colour, showing records ans pictures of land, air and water record breakers.
  • 40 tokens - A luxury folding book-case for all your GOLDEN TOKEN books.

Issue overview

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