Serie-pocket (Norway)

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Seriepocket no-001.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini norway.gif Norway / Norwegian
Publishing company: Romanforlaget
Publishing years: 1972–2021
Issues: ongoing
Format: 17,5 x 12,5 cm,
18 x 13 cm
b/w /sepia

Serie-pocket was a Norwegian series of pocket books published by Romanforlaget since 1972, by Semic Nordisk Forlag since 1974, and later on by Egmont Serieforlaget AS.

Issue overview

Regular series

This series features mainly reprint of stories previous printed in various Norwegian comic books such as: "Dennis (Dennis the Menace)", "Fantomet (The Phantom", "Billy (Beetle Bailey)", Buster (Buster Brown)", "Serie bladet", "Hakke Hakkespett (Woody Woodpecker)", "Andy Capp", "Snurre Sprett (Bugs Bunny)", "Supermann (Superman), "Pink Panter", "Skippern (Popeye)" and on.

The first three issues did not have the Serie-pocket logo printed on the covers or inside, only with the characters name: "Dennis", "Billy" and "Fantomet". Then the serie started numbering each issue devoted to different characters: "Billy" #2, "Dennis" #1, "Fantomet" #1, "Buster" #1, and on. For unknown reasons, the first issue with "Dennis" and "Fantomet" were omitted in the numbering. The seventeenth issue devoted to "Andy Capp" was unnumered and then the series started to numbering for the Serie-pocket series. For unknown reasons, the eighteenth issue was numbered Serie-pocket #10 followed by #11 and on.

As of 2021, the series is still being published with over 294 books to date.

The 8 Mandrake issues reprinted stories previous printed in the "Fantomet" magazine.

Mandrake issues

Corresponding titles

Similar series were printed in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Although several of the issues in the different countries are similar, both in content and cover, the series are not identically.

The Finnish "Sarjakirja" series released five Mandrake issues, while the Swedish and Danish "Serie-pocket" series never released issues with Mandrake.

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Taika-Jim issues

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