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Magasinet for Alle
Biographical information
Founded: 1927
Country: Mini norway.gif Norway

Magasinet for Alle was a Norwegian magazine that came out between 1927 and 1970. It started as Arbeidermagasinet, changed the title to Arbeidermagasinet for Alle in 1936, before the title was changed to "Magasinet for Alle" in 1941.

Comics in the magazine

The magazine was an important arena for the development of Norwegian comics such as: "Sjur Sjursen" by Bjarne Restan (1927-1932), "Jens von Bustenskjold" by Anders Bjørgaard (1935-1962), "Den evige ilds land" by Tore Deinboll (1936-1937) and "Krigsspekulantens fiende" by Trygve Mosebekk (1937-1938).

In 1930 the magazine start printing the two swedish comic "Kronblom" and "Agust" by Elov Persson. The only US comic printed by the magazine was "(Prince) Valiant" by Harold R Foster. It started in issue 35/1937 and ended in issue 18/1942.

Spøk og Spenning

In 1941 "Magasinet for Alle" started a new magazine, "Spøk og Spenning". which contained only comics from USA.

ads for the new magazine

Mandrake publications published by Magasinet for Alle

Title Year(s) Note
Spøk og Spenning 1941-1945
  • Oddvar Larsen (Oddvar Lamar)

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