Semic Superpocket

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Semic Superpocket
First issue
Country/language: Mini norway.gif Norway / Norwegian
Publishing company: SEMIC/Nordisk forlag AS
Publishing years: 1981–1983
Issues: 6
Format: 18 x 13 cm, color

Issue overview

The Semic Superpocket is translated issues of pocket books previous published by the German Condor Verlag. The "Flash Gordon" issues are from the German "Flash Gordon" 1980 series (issues 2 and 4), the "Mandrake" issue is from the "Mandra der Magier" 1980 series (issue 1), the "Familien Flint" issues are from the "Familie Feuerstein" series (issues 1 and 3) and the "Buck Rogers" issue from the "Die Actionhelden" 1978 series (issue 11).

Regular series