Rip Kirby

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Rip Kirby
First issue
Country/language: Mini spain.gif Spain / Spanish
Publishing company: Hispano Americana
Publishing years: 1948-1949
Issues: 13
Format: 25,6x18 cm, b/w

Issues overview

Regular series

Rip Kirby was a series dedicated to various comic characters: "Rip Kirby", "King de la policia montada (King of the Royal Mounted)", "Agente secreto X-9 (Secret Agent X-9)", "Tarzán (Tarzan)", "Jorge y Fernando (Tim Tyler`s Luck)", "Flas Gordon (Flash Gordon)", "El jinete enmascarado (The Lone Ranger)", "Merlín (Mandrake the Magician)" among others.


The comic books from Hispano Americana were published without a publication date printed on the cover or inside, which makes it difficult afterwards to be able to determine exactly when the individual issue was released. Advertisements inside the "Rip Kirby" series and Hispano Americana's other series may give an indication of approximate dates. Such as advertisements for year album (almanaque) which was sold in December. The "Rip Kirby" issue 10 has ads for "Almanaque del Hombre Enmascarado 1949" and "Almanaque Marvel 1949", both sold in December 1948. So the "Rip Kirby" issue 10 was probably released in November 1948. The series most likely had a monthly release, because if this was weekly or biweekly one would expect that advertisements for the annual albums were mentioned in more than one issue. The "Rip Kirby" issue 11 has an ad for the new series "El Pequeño Sheriff". On the back cover of the first "El Pequeño Sheriff" there is an ad for the two year albums. Other issues from other series also have advertisements for these annual albums such as "Tarzan" #55 and "Amok" #12.

On the inside of the "Rip Kirby" issues you will find a one-line text advertisement for other series from Hispano Americana: "El Hombre Enmascarado", "Amok", "Juan Centella", "Mary Marvel", "Dick Toro", "Pequeno Capitan Marvel", "Capitan Marvel", and "Tarzan". These other series also have ads for the other series of Hispano Americana, including the "Rip Kirby" series.

On Tebeosfera's website there is a list of the series from Hispano Americana. If you check the cross-advertisements in the various comic books that have relevance to the "Rip Kirby" series, you discover that there is something that doesn't quite match the release dates that are stated (as you will find it as of 12 November 2023). Some issues are listed with a publication date that is older than the story inside and this must obviously be wrong. The "Juan Centella" and "Tarzan" issues one sees in the "Rip Kirby" series as well as cross-advertised in the other series are stated to have been published several years earlier. Either the publication dates for these are incorrect, or they must have been reprinted in 1948.