Rip Kirby

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Rip Kirby
First issue
Country/language: Mini spain.gif Spain / Spanish
Publishing company: Hispano Americana
Publishing years: 1948-1949
Issues: 13
Format: 25,6x18 cm, b/w

Issues overview

Rip Kirby was a series dedicated to various comic characters: "Rip Kirby", "King de la policia montada (King of the Royal Mounted)", "Agente secreto X-9 (Secret Agent X-9)", "Tarzán (Tarzan)", "Jorge y Fernando (Tim Tyler`s Luck)", "Flash Gordon", "El jinete enmascarado (The Lone Ranger)", "Merlín (Mandrake the Magician)" among others.

There is some uncertainty about if the series was released in 1947 or 1948, but 1948 is probably correct.

Regular series

Issues with Mandrake