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Hispano Americana de Ediciones S.A.
Biographical information
Founded: 1933 (to August 1962)
Country: Mini spain.gif Spain

Casa Editorial Vecchi, the Italian branch of Lothair Vecchi Editore, was a publisher based in Barcelona.


Under the name Hispano Americana de Ediciones they started to focus on the production of comics, as; "Yumbo" in 1934, "Aventurero" in 1935, and "La Revista de Tim Tyler" in 1936. Compiling the adventures previously serialized in these comic books was the start of their "Las Grandes Aventuras" series; "Tim Tyler's Luck", "Secret Agent X-9", "Flash Gordon", "Buck Franck", "King", "Tarzan", "Mandrake" and on.

After the Civil War Hispano Americana focused on three collections:

  • "Colección de las Grandes Aventuras"; "Flash Gordon", "Franck Buck", "El Hombre Enmascarado", "Tarzán", "Mandrake" and others.
  • "Colección Audaz"; "Popeye".
  • "Colección de Aventuras y Misterio"; "Juan Centella", "Ciclón el Superhombre", "Jorge y Fernand" and others.

In 1946 they relaunched "Aventurero", but with little success. Hispano Americana closed in August 1962.

Mandrake publications published by Hispano Americana

Title Year(s) Issues
Aventurero 1935-1938 166 (+ 3 Almanaque)
Las Grandes Aventuras: Merlin el Mago Moderno 1942-1948 45 (+ 1 Extra and 2 Almanaque)
Rip Kirby 1947 13
Extra 1950 3 (of total 20)