Rip Kirby 1

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Rip Kirby #1
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini spain.gif Spain / Spanish
Format: 25,6 x 18 cm
Pages: 24 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: 1948
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Hispano Americana
Preceded by: none
Followed by: Rip Kirby #2


Mandrake stories

Other comics

  • "Rip Kirby, Detective por Afision" by Alex Raymond ("The Chip Faraday Murder" from 1946)
  • "King de la Policia Montada del Canada" by Jim Gary (US newspapers from March 19, 1945)
  • "Una pintura maestra", "Error fatal", "triste despertar" by J Fraga
  • "Tarzan el Rey de la Selva" by Ruben Moreira ("Tarzan and the Scourg" 1/2 strip of March 16, 1947)
  • "El Jinete Enmascarado" by Charles Flanders (US newspapers from September 18 to November 4, 1944)
  • "Flas Gordon" by Austin Briggs (March 17 and 24, 1946)
  • "Popeye el Marinero", Polvo de mar by Bela Zaboly (from 1943)
  • "Jorge y Fernando" by Lyman Young
  • "El Agente Secreto X-9" by Mel Graff (from 1945)
  • "El Gordo" by ?

Prose stories

  • "Un Bandido Original Cuento de Aventuras" by ?


Ads in other comics

On Tebeosfera these are listed as published at different times:

The publication dates given for these comic books at Tebeosfera must be wrong as the "Tarzan" story in the first "Rip Kirby" issue was made in 1947.