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Pepín was a Mexican comic book published from March 1936 to 1954 by Editorial Juventud S.A.


Pepín was the third successful Comic Book in Mexico. And the second by "José García Valseca", owner of Editorial Juventud. First it a fort weekly, printed translated US strips and was in a medium tabloid size. In February 1936 "Pepín" scrinked to pocket-sized and became published weekly. Then early 1939 Pepín start published daily, twice on Sundays, and each issue was 64 pages.

From the end of the 30's the magazine relied less on strips, and in during the 40's they completely dropped translated American strips in favor of Mexican material.

Pepin is one of the most influential social magazines has had in Mexico and became the generic name for all comic books for the three decades (30' - 50's). It devoted very famous comic called "golden age of the Mexican comic".

In Paquito, the first comic book from "José García Valseca", Mandrake was known as "El mago maravilla". In Pepín one do find only one story with "El mago maravilla", but of Mexican origin.

Issue overview

# Original title Pages Writer Artist issues (Year)
1 "??" ? Ramón Valdiosera Ramón Valdiosera 122-132 (9 June 1938 to 14 June 1938)