Mandrake el Mago (PC)

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Publicaciones Colmex
Mandrake el Mago
Pc mandrake el mago-81.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini mexico.gif Mexico / Spanish
Publishing company: Colmex S.A.
Publishing years: 1972
Issues: 7
Format: 17.5×25 cm, color

Mandrake el Mago is the title of a Mexican comic book published by Colmex in 1972.

Issue overview

Editorial Colmex published six different titles under the logo PC (short for Publicaciones Colmex).

The numbering may seem confusing, since all covers have PC and a issue number. But this is not a numbering for a PC series starting with issue 1. Due to the publishing dates it seems like each series has its own numering:

  • "Lalo y Lola (Hi and Lois)" starts with #21 and ends with #27 (?)
  • "Beto el Recluta (Beetle Bailey)" starts with #31 and ends with #37 (?)
  • "El Fantasma (The Phantom)" starts with #61 and ends with #74
  • "El Gato Félix (Felix the Cat)" starts with #71 and ends with #74
  • "Mandrake el Mago (Mandrake the Magician)" starts with #81 and ands with #87
  • "Popeye el Marino (Popeye)" starts with #91 and ends with #102 ?

Since the last issue of "El Fantasma" was #74 PC #71 to #74 are printed on the covers of both "El Fantasma" and "El Gato Félix".

Mandrake el Mago

The Mandrake stories are taken from the the US King Comics 1966 series.

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