Domingos Alegres

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Domingos Alegres
First issue
Country/language: Mini mexico.gif Mexico / Spanish
Publishing company: Editorial Novaro
Publishing years: 1954-1982
Issues: 1457
Format: 25.5×17.5/ 19×14 cm, color


Domingos Alegres was a publication that originally translated Dell and Gold Key comics though it would come to translate comics of all kinds in its lifetime. The first issues was 25,5x17,5 cm and from issue 1084 the size was reduced to 19,5x13,5 cm. The series was also sold in Spain, with overprinted price. "Domingos Alegres" featured various comics as: "Flash Gordon", "Popeye", "Lassie", "Cisco Kid", "Steve Canyon", "Jungle Jim", "Rin Tin Tin" - to name a few.

Issue overview

Regular series

Mandrake issue

The cover and contents of the only Mandrake issue were taken from Four Color comics published by Dell Publishing Company.

Extra issues

There was at least 22 extra issues in the "Domingos Alegres" series, most of them integrated into the numbering of the series.