Eleanor Allina Epstein

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Eleanor Allina Epstein
picture from 1909
Biographical information
Born: June 12, 1889 in Bohemia
Died: May 17, 1973 in Miami
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American

Eleanor Allina Epstein (born Olga Allina) is the daughter of Edward (1854-1931) and Rosa (1856-1938) Allina.


Olga Eleanor "Ella" was two years old when the family moved[1] from Bohemia to St Louis, USA. she had a brother and three sisters: Alfred Abraham (1883-1974), Emilia "Millie" (1886-1972), Florence "Flora" (1892-1908) and Ida (1893-1902).

When she was young she went at the South St. Louis Gymnastics club Sunday School. Once a year they put on various plays and Olga played[2] the fairy Ustorga in the "Dornröschen" (Sleeping Beauty)" and participated[3] in "Der Menschensresser".

She later became involved in the "B'nai-El Young People's Aid Society (B.E.Y.P.A.S.)", a charity organization formed for the purpose of aiding the B'nai-El Congregation with the new B'nai-El Temple. The society arranged several annual programs such as: euchre and hop, outing, show dance, Thanksgiving ball and on. She participated[4] in their fourth annual entertainment and dance at Liederkranz Hall on April 1, in the play "Miss Civilization. In the fall of 1908, she was appointed[5] Finance Secretary in the society.

Early December 1908 Eleanor participated[6] in the Jewish Charity Fair at the New Coliseum in St. Louis. It lasted six evenings and one matineè, and expected to realize over $100 000. Eleanor was described as a beatiful brunette with glorious dark eyes, and slender, graceful figure.

On April 14 1909, as part of their annual entertainment and ball, B.E.Y.P.A.S. did put up[7] the romantic musical comedy "Mary the Widow" by Arnold Loewenstein at the Union Club. Benjamin B. Gross played the part of Stanley Raymond, and Ella was part of the supporting chorus of thirty voices.

Ella and Benjamin married and their son, Leon Harrison was born[8] in on April 28, 1911. He was named[9] after his godfather, Rabbi Dr. Leon Harrison (1860-1928). Ella and Benjamin divorced[10] and in 1913 she married Albert Falk Epstein (1879-1947) and their son Leslie was born in 1915.

Behind the scenes

Eleanor Allina's name[footnotes 1] has been used for several characters in the Mandrake strips:


  1. Lee Falk had a stepsister, Ailine (also written Aileen and Arleen) (1907-2004 - daughter of Albert F. Epstein and Eleda Bacharach), which may have been inspiration for the names Alina and Aleena.


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