The Mirror World

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The Mirror World
200 px
First appearance: The Mirror People
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis


The Mirror World is the world behind the mirror.


The Mirror World is a world like ours but different. Perhaps in a different dimension.

In the Mirror World everything is opposite from our world. The grass is blue and the sky green, old ladies attack those who want to help them over the streets. Corporals were the leading officers while the generals were lower ranking officers.

In Mandrake's mirror lives the evil opposite Ekardnam, a criminal and inventor of a spray that made the mirror people able to walk through the mirror and into our world.

The Mirror World appearances in the Mandrake strip

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Mirror People" Falk Davis
"Return of the Mirror People" Falk Davis
"The Mirror Mystery" Falk Fredericks