Samlade Serierariteter

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Samlade Serierariteter
First issue
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish
Publishing company: Semic Press AB
Publishing years: 1986-1987
Issues: 20
Format: 21,5 × 29,5 cm, b/w

Samlade Serierariteter is a series of hardcover books, published in Sweden in 1986 and 1988 through the book club "De bästa serierna".

Issue overview

Regular seriese

The series printed newspaper comics in chronological order of several well-known figures such as: "Arken (Boner's Ark) by Mort Walker, "Fantomen (The Phantom)" by Lee Falk and Sy Barry, "Hagbard (Hägar the Horrible)" by Dik Browne, "Mandrake (the Magician) by Lee Falk and Phil Davis, "Knasen (Beetle Bailey)" by Mort Walker, "Rick O'Shay" by Stan Lynde, "Rödöga (Redeye)" by Gordon Bess and "Familjen Flax (Hi and Lois)" by Dik Browne, and "B.C." by Johnny Hart.

Two books starring Mandrake were published, featuring Phil Davis' earliest Sundays stories.