Mandrake (Formatic Press)

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Mandrake formatic-01.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish
Publishing company: Formatic Press
Publishing years: 1962-1964
Issues: 6
Format: 21 x 31 cm , b/w

Mandrake was published by the Swedish publisher Formatic Press in 1962 - 1964.


In 1962 Formatic Press start printing large sized comic books in black and white. With the nice quality of the print and with the thick cover, the magazine was something between a comic book and an album.

The various series was mainly reprint of daily strips; Flash Gordon (Blixt Gordon) by Dan Barry, Mandrake by Phil Davis, Buzz Sawyer (Buzz Cooper) by Roy Crane, Rip Kirby (Peter Falk) by Alex Raymond, Spud & Co (Spud och Tim / Bob och Frank) by Lyman Young. Dr Bennett by Frank Thorne, John Perry by Ken Bald, Ben Bolt by John Collen Murphy, Uncas by Bertil Wilhelmsson.

Issue overview


Unsold issues from Formatic Press was stitched together by Tidskriftservice Stockholm and sold as Dubbelserien.