Mandrake the Magician (Young's/Yaffa)

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Mandrake the Magician
issue 9
Country/language: Mini australia.gif Australia / English
Publishing company: Young's Merchandising/
Photo-Type Press/
Page Publications/
Publishing years: 1961-1966 + 1967 ?
Issues: 42 + 1
Format: 14×19,5 cm, bw

Issue overview

Young's Merchandising

Late 1961 Young's Merchandising Co. released a Mandrake the Magician comic. The monthly series lasted for 26 issues.

Photo-Type Press

The Mandrake the Magician comic reappeared under a new publisher's imprint Photo-Type Press Pty. Ltd. in 1964, with covers made by the Australian artist Keith Chatto.

Page Publications

Chatto continued to draw new covers for Mandrake series which, by 1966, appeared under the Page Publications Pty. Ltd. imprint. Page Publications was the magazine publishing division of the Yaffa Syndicate, the company which originally sold Mandrake to The Australian Women's Weekly!

Yaffa Publishing

Yaffa Publishing Group did issue a final Mandrake the Magician comic with stories from the US King Comics series.