Mandrake the Magician (Adventure Books)

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Adventure Books
Mandrake the Magician
First Mandrake issue
Country/language: Mini australia.gif Australia / English
Publishing company: Budget Books Pty. Ltd.
Publishing years: 1987
Issues: 2
Format: 26,5 × 16,5 cm , b/w

Issue overview

"Budget Books" released several soft-cover comic books made for distribution through major department stores in the years 1987-1988 (might be the years 1983-1994 ?). The comics were mostly various fun characters like: "Andy Capp", "Archie", "Blondie", "Garfield", Snoopy" and on. In the beginning theese comics had no generic serie title but on the latest numbers were collected under the series "Lots of Laughs". Similar the two first "The Phantom" issues had no serie title, but the two last one had the "Adventure Books" title printed on the cover. Also under the "Adventure Books" title it was published two issues with "Flash Gordon", two issues with "Mandrake the Magician" and one Batman comics (The Official Comic Adaptation of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture).

Mandrake the Magician

Back on the first "Mandrake" issue there are a price tag for bouth Australia and New Zealand. At the last page of the second "Mandrake" issue one read: "Watch out for the next spellbinding tale of Mandrake - out soon!", indicating a third issue.