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Heintje Stripkrant/
Heintje Jeugdkrant
First issue
Country/language: Mini netherlands.gif Netherlands / Dutch
Publishing company: Albert Heijn
Publishing years: 1967 - 1969
Issues: 60
Format: Newspaper,

Heintje Stripkrant was published by the Dutch publisher Albert Heijn N.V., Zaandam in the Netherlands from January 1967 to May 1969.


The comics magazine for youth, Heintje, was published in the years 1967 to 1969 by the largest Dutch supermarket chain, "Albert Heijn BV" - named after his founder Albert Heijn (1865-1945) - with the aim of making those supermarkets attractive to young people and to support sales. It was distributed in that own circuit, at a very affordable price (12 cents with the purchase of margarine or butter articles).

The first issue (on January 26,1967) was free and printed at 600.000 copies, a big number for this kind of distribution and considering a global population of around 12.210.000 people at the time.

The magazine presents various comic characters, such as "Mandrake de Magiër" (Mandrake the Magician), "De Fantoom" (The Phantom), "Geheim X-9" (Secret Agent X-9), “De gemaskerde ruiter” ("The Lone Ranger"), "Brick Bradford", "Geheim Agent X9" ("Secret Agent X-9"), Dokter Kildare" (Doctor Kildare), "Flippie Flink" ("Beetle Bailey"), "Roodvoet" ("Redeye"), "Popeye", "Felix de Kat" ("Felix the Cat") and on.

The newspaper was issued every 14 days until 1969. The newspaper then was renamed to Heintje Jeugdkrant with a weekly run (no Mandrake stories in this last part).The numbering order restart each year with an issue number 1 (examples: 1/1967, 1/1968, 1/1969).

Issue overview

Issues with Mandrake

Title Original Title Issues Year Comment
"Het vliegende Paard" "The Flying Phantom" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1967
"Reuzen uit de ruimte" "The Visitors" 13, 14 , 15, 16, 17, 18, 19... 1967
? ? ?... , 19, 20, ?... , ... 1967
? L'amico dei topi 28, 29, 31, 32, 1968 Italian made story
? ? ?... , 32, ?... , ... 1968
  • Note : Two other Mandrake stories published in "Heintje" as included in above list,

but exact issues numbers still to be determined (probably third and fifth stories) :

Title Original Title Issues Year Comment
"no title" "The Double" ... ? ... 1967 ?- 16 -?
"Smokkelwaar onder de Zeespiegel" "Contrabbando sotto i mari" ... ? ... 1968 Italian made story

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