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Uitgeverij Born b.v.
Biographical information
Country: Mini netherlands.gif Netherlands


Uitgeverij Born b.v. was founded by Henri Born. After WWII the company start publishing various magazines and books, mainly for young people. In the 1970s the company published science fiction and detective book series like "Born SK" and "Born Detectives", among other books and magazines.

The publisher released some pocket book sized comics in the 1970s: "Felix de kat" (37 issues in 1972-1975), "Flash Gordon" (2 issues 1974-1976), "Kari Lente" by Bob Mau (7 issues in 1974-1976), "Mandrake de magiër" (2 issues in 1975), "Buffalo Bill" (3 issues in 1975-1976) and "Kareltje op avontuur (Felix)" by Jan Loof (2 issues in 1976-1977).

In 1977 the company was sold to Uitgeverij Kluwer and disappeared from the scene early 1990s.

Mandrake issues by Uitgeverij Born b.v.