Ferdi Sayişman

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Ferdi Sayisman
Biographical information
Born: 1926
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini turkey.gif Turkish
Occupation: Cover Artist, Artist
Website: N/A


In his erly career Ferdi Sayişman also did tracing jobs for low-budget publishers such as: Bilge Şakrak. He actually signed the last panel of some stories he had traced and lettered, like as for the Mandrake story Canlı Mumya in Günes #6. Sayişman also made a 8 pages Phantom story ("Arizona Soygunculari") which was published in issue 134 of the 1001 Özel weekly comics magazine in 1955.

Although Sayişman was trained as a chemical engineer he made a successful career in comics lettering for several decades until mid-2000s. His son Sevki Sayisman has taken up his father's craft and is currently working as a letterer in Turkish satire/humor magazines.

Mandrake works by Ferdi Sayişman