Feature Book

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Feature Book
Feature book-01.jpg
First numbered issue
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Publishing company: David McKay Company
Publishing years: 1936-1948
Issues: 57 (+2)

Feature Book was started by the David McKay Company in 1936, and was the first US comic book to devote complete issues to different characters.

Issue overview

The series started its numbering after two unnumbered issues ("Popeye" and "Dick Tracy", reprinted as issues 3 and 4). The Feature Book series reprinted the popular newspaper strips of the time, such as: "Popeye", "Dick Tracy", "Little Orphan Annie", "The Lone Ranger", "Secret Agent X-9", "The Phantom", "Mandrake the Magician" and on.

The first 25 issues were oversized (23x30,5 cm) black and white comic books while issues 26-57 were standard sized color comic books.

Mandrake issues

The 3 first issues was reprinted by Pacific Comics Club in 1993.