Doe Mee!

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Doe Mee!
Weekblad voor Jong en Oud
First issue
Country/language: Mini netherlands.gif Netherlands / Dutch
Publishing company: N.V. Uitgevers Maatschappij "De Jeugd".
Publishing years: 1936-1942
Issues: 393


Issue overview

First series

Doe Mee! was a Dutch weekly magazine for boys starting with the first issue May 7, 1936. The format was 30x45,5 cm, 12 pages and printed in color and b/w.

The magazine printed various US comics like: "Jan-zonder-vrees (Jungle-Jim)" and "IJzervuist (Flash Gordon)" by Alex Raymond (issues 1-7), "Barend Botje en zijn hond Bello (Dinglehoofer und His Dog)" by Knerr (issues 1-6), "Henkie (Henry)" by Carl Anderson (issues 1-36, 78, 181, 229), "Jongens van Stavast (The Katzenjammer Kids)" by Knerr, "Popeye" by Segar, "Mandragora, de koning der Magiërs (Mandrake)" by Lee Falk and Phil Davis (issues 8-25), "Bert (Donnie)" by Darrell McClure (issues 26-62), "King van de Koninklijke Kolonne / Brigade (King of the Royal Mounted)" by Jim Gary, Flanders and Zane Grey (issues 37-192), "Fred-zonder-vrees (Tim Tyler's Luck)" by Lyman Young (issues 63-225), "Jaquelientje (Ella Cinders)" by Charlie Plumb and Bill Conselman (issues 193-244), "Piet de Landloper (Pete the Tramp)" by C.D. Russell (issues 230-295), "Altijd mis (Always Bilittlin)" by Percy Crosby (issues 260-261), "Skippy" by Percy Crosby (issues 260-261), "Alexander Spriet (Alexander Smart, Esq.)" by Doc Winner (issues 262-295), "Elmer" by Doc Winner (issues 262-295).

In addition also Dutch comics like: "Toto" by W., "Japie Makreel" by Marten Toonder, "Binnitou Billy" by Pax Steen, "Avonturen van Prik en Prak" by Joop Geesink, "De griezelige avonturen van Nico Nijn" by Pax Steen,"Winnetou het opperhoofd der Apachen" by Hans Kaales and A. Ekker.

In 1942 American comics were banned in Netherland, and after issue 334 the magazine was interupted.

Mandrake in Doe Mee!

Only one story with Mandrake was printed in Doe Mee!. At the back page of issue 8 (June 26, 1936) Mandrake appared with the first 3 pages of the Sunday story "Land of the Little People". The story ended in issue 25 (October 23, 1936) and was replaced by "Donnie" by McClure.

Popeye Club

Popeye became so popular that a special Popeye club was set up in October 1936. Subscribers was automatically a member of the Popeye-Club and received a member card and a club badge. In Doe Mee! the Popeye-Club addressed readers, encouraging them to participate in the various competitions and contests. The publisher released a Doe Mee! game board, filled with figures lifted from the comic panels from the magazine, in addition with pictures of the Popeye Club badge. One of the characters is Mandrake, which is interesting since the last Mandrake page was printed in issue 25. Most of the figures are lifted from "Popeye", "The Katzenjammer Kids", "Henry" and "Donnie. The #22 image is lifted from "Tim Tyler's Luck", which started in issue 63 (July 16, 1937). Most likely the board game was released between August and December 1937.

Second series

The series started again in 1946 and ended with issue 393 (December 15, 1948).

Some of the pre-war series returned, like: "Henry", "The Katzenjammer Kids" and "King of the Royal Mounted". And new series were added, like: "Oliver Twist" by Arnold Hicks and Georgina Campbell, "Twintig duizend mijlen onder zee" by Henry C. Kiefer and Jules Verne, "Tarzan" by Burne Hogarth and Edgar Rice Burroughs, "Don Quichot" by Zansky and Miguel de Cervantes and "De avonturen van Tom Sawyer".