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Welcome to MandrakeWiki was officially announced on February 8th, 2011. The similar PhantomWiki was used for creating and testing the first round of categories, templates and articles that will serve as examples for future work.

You are free to add articles on any Mandrake-related matter, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Upload images, for example cover scans of any Mandrake-related issue. Make sure that the image is not too big and also please upload images you have scanned yourself and not just taken from other websites. All images on MandrakeWiki must be uploaded to the wiki, as we do not allow embedding images that are hosted on other websites.
  • We are building detailed lists over all Mandrake stories and Mandrake issues published over the world. A huge undertaking of course, and you can help us reach the goal quicker:

Note that the templates we have used so far are also free to edit and improve on, or to leave suggestions for on their respective talk pages.
  • Add character profiles for major and minor characters that have appeared in the strip. See Theron, Jed and The Cobra for examples on how this might look, but feel free to edit these articles or make your own suggestion for the structure of character pages. Perhaps create a template that can be useful?
  • If you want to see further what needs to be done, then check Category:Articles in need, for articles that has been noted as being in need of special attention, e.g. missing information or lacking illustrations. See also Special:Wantedpages for a list of non-existing articles which are most linked to from other articles.

These are only a few suggestions on what you can do to help, but feel free to make a contribution wherever you want! And always feel free to post any general questions and suggestions in Mandrake Wiki's Silly Stuff Department!