Walmir Amaral de Oliveira

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Walmir Amaral de Oliveira
Biographical information
Born: 1939
Nationality: Mini brazil.gif Brazilian
Occupation: Cover artist

Walmir Amaral de Oliveira (sometimes named just Walmir Amaral) is a Brazilian artist who drew many covers for the Rio Gráfica Editora (RGE) between 1960 and 1980.

The main part of his work was for The Phantom covers but also for Mandrake the Magician. Apart this artistic aspect, he even drew some The Phantom and Mnadrake stories. He sometimes just signed "Walmir" for RGE publications and "Amaral" for Saber publications.

He is also known for his work concerning the "O Cavaleiro Negro" comic-books, the strip being a Brazilian version of the American "Black Rider". He also illustrated many stories of Walt Disney's Zorro in the seventies.

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