The X Dimension

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The X Dimension
First appearance: Chamber into the X Dimension
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis


The X Dimension is a world in another dimension.


The X Dimension the strange place with no time. The place is populated by several human-like life forms. When Mandrake first visited the X Dimension the humans were enslaved by the metal men and hunted for their skin by the crystal men. The humans revolted and Tolac became the emperior of the X Dimension with Fran as empress.

The beings in the X Dimension

Human beings

The humans is similar as those on our world.

Metal men

The metal men are living animated metal with wheels instead of legs. Their language is like a siren-like sound and rust is the only disease they know so polishing is therefore very important for them. They need heat and lubrication to live and a typical meal is coal, fine grease and oil. They do have a death-room for their criminals, an acid chamber, in which a powerful corroding acid is sprayed in the wrong-doers.

Their building are also living metal. The metal men mould their houses and then plant them. The houses are fed with coal and oil and will continue to grow so the oldest cities have the bigest houses. Since coal is the main diet their coal mines are important for the metal men and they often enslaves humans to work in the mines.

Plant people

A tree man is one of many kinds of plant people who take their food from the earth through their feet (or roots). They have in common that when they are young they can move about and when older they take root in the earth and become fixed and stationary.

Crystal men

The crystal men lives in a far-off flitering crystal city atop a high peak. Their people are transparent, cold, cruel, relentless and live on sunlight. It means that their bodies must be kept clear and shining. For polishing they use human skins and their weapons for hunting is that the sunlight passing through their transparent bodies is focused into burning rays.

Other beings

The firebirds are the hereditary enemies of the metal men. They are animated coal from a remote region. A spontaneous combustion sets them on fire and they have a short destructive life.

A carnivfern is a big man-eating plant. Unknown if they are of the plant people.

Gigantic sea monster-like creatures living in the water

The X Dimension appearances in the Mandrake strip

Year Sunday/Daily Title Comments
1936 Sunday "Chamber into the X Dimension"
1974 Sunday "Return to X"
2003 Daily "The Walking Man"