The Twelve Nations

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Twelve Nations Federation
First appearance: "The Meeting of Mandrake and Lothar"
Created by: Lee Falk

The Twelve Nations Federation is Lothar's homeland.


"Twelve Nations Federation" is an African country, located in central Africa. The capital is Lotharton.

Government and politics

The country has emerged as a federation of several different nations, first known as the "Riombi Federation". The federation have been in periods somewhat unstable, and on some occasions have been named "Seven Nations". The individual nation appears to be autonomous, ruled by a King or a Chieftain. Previously, it was automatic that the ruler of the greatest nation also had the role as King of the federation.

Lothar 10 was born Prince of the Wambesi nation and inherited the King title after his father (Lothar 9) when he was 21 years old. After a brief period as King of Wambesi and the federation Lothar gave up the throne to follow Mandrake on his adventures. Even if Lothar gave up the throne, the people and rulers of the nationes in the federation never accept that. When the federation held its first democratic elections the monarchists nominate Lothar for President. He served as the first President of the Twelwe Nations for a year before he resigned.

Notable appearances

Year Daily/Sunday Title Comments
1939 Daily "Mandrake in North Africa" King of Wambesi
1946 Sunday "The Singing Devils" Prince of the Riombi federation
1948 Daily "Queen Ebony" King of a great federation
1952 Daily "The Impostor" King of the great tribal federation
1952 Daily "The Jungle Witch" King of the great tribal federation
1956 Sunday "Witchmen's Peak"
1967 Sunday "The Meeting of Mandrake and Lothar" King of the Twelve Nations
1977 Phantom Daily "The Wedding of the Phantom" Prince of the Seven Nations
1977 Phantom Sunday "The Wedding of the Phantom" Prince of the Seven Nations
1983 Daily "The Cruise Ship Mystery" Prince of the Federated Nations
1995 Sunday "Revolution in Lotharton" King of the Twelve Nations Federation
1997 Sunday "Mandrake Marries Narda" King of the Seven Nations
2003 Daily "Lights! Camera! Danger!" Walumba River, flows through the 12 Nations
2015 Phantom Sunday "Trouble in the Twelve Nations" King of the Twelve Nations