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Before his career as a comic artist Phil Davis worked as free lance illustrator, drawing various advertising illustrations.

The Liberty magazine

Phil Davis did one cover for Liberty magazine.

American Newspaper Publishers Association

In 1941, Phil Davis received a $500 award as the winner of a medal-design contest of the American Newspaper Publishers Association ($ 500). The medal he designed was presented annually to the winner of an annual essay contest open to students of journalism on The Achievement of the Daily Newspaper in Public Service.

Curtis Wright Air-craft

During WW2 he served as an art director for Curtis-Wright Aircraft Corp in St. Louis. He did most of the technical illustrations for the instruction book of the Curtiss A-25 Dive Bomber, and found time to write the operational data for the radio equipment used by the plane.

Various advertising illustrations

Early 40's Phil Davis took up his career as illustrator, doing art work for the D'Arcy Advertising Co.

Defense Bonds illustration

During the World War II, he illustratied some ads exhortating to buy government war bonds.


For St. Louis Post-Despatch he did a presentation of the "Comic Artists Lee Falk and Phil Davis in 1951.

Book illustration

Illustration, published in format 22,85 x 16,50 cm, for the William Randolph Hearst Birthday 1943 Book.

In 1948 he illustratied the book "Chuck Dressler".

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